Rates & Services

Pet Sitting:
Rates start at $25 for 1-2 cats and $25 for 1 dog per each 30-minute visit to your home. Service includes pet care: feeding, changing water, cleaning up the yard or litter box, medication, dog walking, and lots of loving attention. Also, around the house we perform these services: mail and newspaper pick-up, removal of junk mail from property, plant watering, and trash bin curbing and retrieval on trash days. We are meticulous caregivers, and we follow your prescribed routine to the best of our ability to ensure your pet is happy and healthy while in our care.

Dog Walking:
Rates start at $25 for 1 dog per 30-minute visit. The visit includes a walk around the neighborhood, changing the water, and giving a treat. Each walk is designed to fit the specific needs of your pet: either brisk exercise for young pups, or just a potty break for elderly dogs. If your work keeps you away for long hours, your dog will be glad to get a break in the middle of the day to get some fresh air and human interaction. Although most clients choose mid-day dog walks, there are no time constraints for us. Dog walking is also available for morning or evening visits, as well.

Overnight Stays:
Rates start at $85 per night. We keep your pets company at night and make the house look lived-in while you are away. We stay over from 9-10pm to 6-7am. An afternoon visit can be arranged for an additional $20 to check in on your pets, feed and walk them, and provide some tender loving care. If you have a pet that just can’t sleep without you, we would love to be the substitute snuggler. An advance, non-refundable deposit of $25 per night is required in order to reserve dates.

Additional Services:
Dog training, prescribed veterinary treatments, and in-home nail trims. Please call for rate information.