Jeff and Shana: Glendale

I-Stay-U-Go was the first dog sitting company we have ever used. We never thought that we would ever be able to use a dog sitting service because my dogs are agressive towards strangers. A few years back I relocated to southern California and was stuck with no familiar faces to watch my dogs. With my family on the other side of the country I knew that I would need to figure something out. I decided to call I-Stay-U-Go to see what they recommended. I spoke to Hilma and she was eager to help. She took time to come over to meet the dogs and it was obvious from the get go that she knew exactly what she was doing. After only about 15 minutes she had made 2 new friends (my dogs rarely like anyone new). We have been using I-Stay-U-Go ever since. Now we don’t have to stress about finding someone to watch the dogs if we want to go out of town. It’s always nice to come home to happy and healthy dogs.