Lloyd & Lynda Lawley

As you can tell by the picture below “Shadow” is one very important family member! We travel often to Maui and Europe and have never boarded him, as we feel that would be too disorienting for our baby.

I Stay U Go, has been a wonderful solution that has allowed us to travel with the peace of mind that he is in the best of hands, while we are away. Hilma and her team are dependable, compassionate, offer comprehensive pet services and will even water your plants & bring in your mail! We highly recommend their company and services to any pet lovers out there 🙂

Tessa Yao: Glendale

Hilma has been looking after my two cats for over five years. I feel so safe leaving them under her care when I go on vacation. The kitties always look healthy and happy when I return and I have never had a problem. I especially like the fact that Hilma is a vet tech, because then she can watch out for potential health problems. My cats are like children to me, and I’m so glad I can rely on Hilma to look after them while I’m out of town.

Mary Anne Amitin

Although one of my dogs had multiple illnesses and many pills twice a day, I-Stay-U-Go did a fabulous job of keeping her on her medication and well cared for. My husband and I were able to leave on vacation secure in the knowledge that Maggy would be happy and in good shape upon our return.

Jeff and Shana: Glendale

I-Stay-U-Go was the first dog sitting company we have ever used. We never thought that we would ever be able to use a dog sitting service because my dogs are agressive towards strangers. A few years back I relocated to southern California and was stuck with no familiar faces to watch my dogs. With my family on the other side of the country I knew that I would need to figure something out. I decided to call I-Stay-U-Go to see what they recommended. I spoke to Hilma and she was eager to help. She took time to come over to meet the dogs and it was obvious from the get go that she knew exactly what she was doing. After only about 15 minutes she had made 2 new friends (my dogs rarely like anyone new). We have been using I-Stay-U-Go ever since. Now we don’t have to stress about finding someone to watch the dogs if we want to go out of town. It’s always nice to come home to happy and healthy dogs.


I have been using I Stay U Go for almost two years now. I was so relieved to find such a wonderful service. I can leave town without any worries about my babies. I Stay U Go takes care of everything – they follow your schedule for your animals, keep track of and administer medicines, alternate lights and moniter television viewing hours!, and stay in touch with me if anything comes up. They’re always available if I want to check in, and when I come home my girls are calm and have obviously been well-cared for. Thanks I Stay U Go!

Neilia Brown & Tom McGuinness owners of three cats (Ouija, Cosmo and Morpheus)

Our ability to enjoy ourselves while on vacation is dependent upon knowing our three cats will be well taken care of. Thankfully, after a recommendation from a friend, we found I-Stay-U-Go, and we have been able to relax and enjoy our vacations ever since! Hilma is responsible, knowledgeable and, most importantly, loves animals. The staff at I-Stay-U-Go is responsive and professional. I wouldn’t dream of entrusting my fuzzy babies to anyone else, and continue to recommend I-Stay-U-Go to friends, family members and colleagues.


Hilma and “I-Stay U-Go” have been enabling me to leave home for extended vacations with me always knowing that when I return my pets (Dog, cats and pond fish) have been well taken care of and are always safe and healthy. Thanks Hilma!

Lisa N. : Glendale

“I count I-Stay-U-Go as one of my little blessings. I never have to worry about my 2 dogs or my daughter’s goldfish when we are away…they are well taken care of, and the little extras they do for us around the house make our return so much easier!”